According to legend, a nobleman from the highlands, rather than worry about their land and their subjects, he only deal with their domestic problems. He distrusted to everyone and he had their relatives as assistants.
One night the vassals attacked his magnificent palace, and they were astonished at the treasures of gold, silver and precious stones they found there. Among the attackers there was a boy from Burtun, who found a chest. Inside he found a gold cross ...
The soldiers won to the countrymen, so our boy took fright and decided to escape and hide the cross in Burtun.
Nobody believed his story, but you have researched the legend and you are sure that is true, the Cross is buried there somewhere.

But first you must find the map ...
"The search for the Cross" is a game set in medieval times. The game engine is the exchange of objects with the villagers and interaction with them.
Minimum requirements
The game requires a minimum participation of 6 characters (which can be adults), and children (players) and a minimum of 6 rooms of a house (kitchen, living room, bedrooms, hallway ...)
Recommended age
Children from 5 years to be players. Younger children would have a role among the characters in the story (countrymen, customers of the inn, etc.)