One day in March 1920 some children come to a place full of mystery ... "The Mansion of Reims".
This old house is inhabited by remarkable characters who need help. The lady of the house, "Mrs. Ribbs" very fond of magic tricks, has lost her favorite book "The Magic Book" and now the house has been in the dark ...
Will be able the children help the inhabitants of the mansion?
The game adventure theme
"The Mansion of Reims" is a simple adventure game. At this time., we will turn our house into a mansion full of fantasy and surprises for children. The game engine is an exchange of objects.
Minimum requirements
"The Mansion of Reims" participation requires a minimum of 8 characters (which can be adults), and children (players) and a minimum of 6 rooms of a house (kitchen, living room, bedrooms, hallway ... )
Recommended age
Children from 5 years to be players. Younger children will have a role among the story characters (fairies, elves, etc.).. Adults will be the characters in the adventure.
PRICE   9.90 EUR