Two months ago a robbery occurred in one of the most affluent areas of town, the victim was an electronics magnate named Duarte B. N.
According to an informant close to the investigation, the stolen property is a collection of diamonds very valuable. The police continue with investigations but apparently have not produced any result. The strangest part is that the robbery was committed with the owner and the service inside the house. According to our information lasted about five minutes, and nobody in the house noticed anything until the owner opened the safe.
The insurance company "WE CAN" has decided to hire a group of private detectives to reactivate the research and thus help to clarify this theft. "
Will be able these famous detectives solve the case?

"The case of missing diamonds" is a detective game. Players (boys) must find who was the perpetrator of the theft, through the clues they find in the house, and talking with characters. 

 Minimum requirements
The game requires a minimum participation of 5 characters (which can be adults), and children (players) and a minimum of 5 rooms of a house (kitchen, living room, bedrooms, hallway ...)

Download Detective (101Wx105H)

Recommended age
Children from 6 years to be players. Younger children would have a role among the characters in the story (guest, service, etc.).. Adults are the characters in the adventure.