NEW 3D PAPERCRAFTS!!          
       Gorro Pirata                   
Treasure chest papercraft in pdf Din A4. Just to cut and paste. 
Size: 12 x 7 x 6 cm (SMALL)
Two versions included, colored (fotograph) and white (to paint).
Size: 16 x 10 x 8 cm (BIG)
Two versions included, colored (fotograph) and white (to paint).


We need a carton box with lid, shoes is ideal, zeal, glue, paint and a piece of thin cardboard.
We cut one side of the lid of the box, which will be the hinge on the lid of the chest.
We put the lid and paste it with glue.

We cut the piece of cardboard, the width side of the lip and the long side almost 2 times its length.
We paste it with glue on the lid.
We need to strengthen the part of the hinge with zeal.

We cut two pieces to the sides of the box.
And paste it.
Painted it brown color with temperas or finger paint mixed with a little water.
It is decorated with pieces of cardboard painted yellow and with a marker the details.
And this is the final result.