To make a torch is necessary a small lantern, red and yelow cellophane, adhesive tape, a piece of cardboard and a black marker or black labeller.

We cut rectangle shaped the cardboard , one side about 3 times the length of the flashlight and the other side 5 times the width of the lantern.

Wrap the cardboard and cut out a lapel for it.

We unite with adhesive tape the lapel in one side of the cylinder .

We cut out a rectangle 20 by 5 cm of cellophane and with a scissors do small mountains with red and yellow cellophane. Then paste the yellow cellophane in the red cellophane.

Paste the cellophane on the open edge of the cylinder.


We painted with the marker to the cylinder for that resembles a piece of wood, insert the flashlight inside the cylinder and with a piece of yellow cellophane we make a ball and we put upon the lantern .