The Pirate´s Treasure
   Gorro Pirata


Free spyglass papercraft in pdf Din A4. Just to cut and paste. 
Download from the link at the bottom of the page

To make a spyglass we need three cylinders  of identical cardboard, string, adhesive tape and scissors
We take two of the cylinders and we cut longitudinally.
We stick the cylinders cut up with adhesive tape, reducing them a bit so that between one another.
We make a hole in one side of each cylinder and we put a rope with a knot on one side. In the larger cylinder make two holes, both at the outer end of the telescope.
We put the cylinder 2 (middle) inside the cylinder 1 (the largest) but only 1 cm, and with the cylinder 2 the rope went through the hole in the cylinder 1, tighten and do a knot. After we put the cylinder 3 (smallest) in the cylinder 2 but only 1 cm, and the cylinder 3, the rope went through the other hole in cylinder 1, tighten and do a knot.
With adhesive tape to wrap the knots that will not break the cardboard. With this system we can open and close the telescope.
We paint the telescope and it is ready.
30 ene 2012, 9:49