We need a brik of milk, a piece of cardboard, adhesive tape, glue, cellophane yellow, small flashlight, rope and black paint.
We cut the brik.
We cut cardboard with shape of site brik , and we cut other cardboard Rectangular  to make the fastening of the small flashlight, we can reinforce with adhesive tape.
We cut the sides brik and we put the flashlight base into the brik.
With the rectangles that we have cut of the brik do a cover. We take two and stick together with adhesive tape or glue, we make two folds to fit well.
We paint black the brik and the lid, then cutting the cellophane paper into rectangles to put it in the brik and paste it with adhesive tape.
With a rope  we make a handle for the lamp.
To operate the lamp we put inside the flashlight , and put the lid.