¡¡ NEW 3D PAPERCRAFTS !!                   
       Gorro Pirata                     
We need a scissors, knife (cutter), glue stick, cardboard, paints, a sheet, and a round box cardboard, such as cheeses.

We cut three discs of paper cardboard and one disc of paper, with a diameter of 0.5 cm smaller than the carton. At the top of the carton we draw a circumference of diameter 1 cm smaller than the box.

We cut the box lid.

Paste three cardboard discs on top of one another. Draw the needle of the compass on the paper disc. Paste the three discs in the bottom of the box and above these discs, paste the paper circle with the needle.

Paint the compass needle and the outside of the painting box, in this case white color. You can use finger paint, acrylic, or any other.


Once the paint dries, we closed the lid and decorate it. We will draw compass points and rankings.

In this compass we can turn the cover so change the orientation.

This is the final result.