1.We need a shoebox, a big piece of cardboard, a brown pasteboard, black adhesive tape, scissors, pencil, compass and glue.
2.Roll up the pasteboard and paste to avoid loosening. The resulting cylinder diameter should be about 10 cm.
3.Cover one end of the cylinder with black electrical tape. The tape should extend beyond the edge, then bend inward.
4.We make two rings of tape along the cylinder.
5.We make extensive cuts in the end without of duct tape.
6.The resulting fringes, folded into the cylinder.
7.We seal the earlier part of the fringe with duct tape.
8.Cut 6 or 8 squares of 2x2 cm.
9.We paste all together.
10.Paste the resulting block above the tape and the fringes.
11.On a piece of cardboard, draw the shape of one side of the canyon with the length of the shoe box
12.Final result of a side of the canyon.
13.We cut the side of the canyon.
14.We cut the other side as the first.
15.We draw 8 circles of 8 cm diameter.
16.Cut the circles.
17.We paste it on pairs, so that we have 4 wheels wide.
18.We paste the two sides in the shoebox. The hollow part (without lids) should be set down.
19.Paste the cylinder above the shoe box, in the center of the two sides.
20.We cut two rectangles of 12 x 4 cm.
21. We bend the rectangles. We obtain 4 equal sides, and we surround them with duct tape.
22.We paste the resulting pieces to the sides of the cylinder, in front part of the cannon.
23.We paste the 4 wheels on the bottom of the large sides ...
24. This is the canyon resulting.
25.After paint, we have a nice pirate cannon.