In 1635, the "Costa Diablo", english pirate ship, is in the Atlantic Ocean back to the port of Bristol.

A few days ago has taken on a Spanish galleon and stole their wealth.

Captain Jack "Manonegra" returns with the intention of withdrawing from life at sea, but an unprecedented event occurred in the boat: the disappearance of a chest, with part of the booty.

Just hours after the disappearance, the “Costa Diablo” borrows from the sea to several castaways. The captain does not trust anyone from his crew and instructs newcomers the task of clarifying what happened and recover the loot, so they will save their lives and they will be able to travel to the mainland.
The game adventure theme:
"The pirate´s treasure" is an adventure game. Let's turn our house into a seventeenth century pirate galleon full of surprises for children. The game engine is an exchange of objects. It begins with the arrival of children (castaways) to the ship in darkness and the reception from Eric, "the fine"…
Minimun requirements
The game needs the participation, at least 9 characters (which can be adults), and children (players) and a minimum of 6 rooms of a house (kitchen, living room, bedrooms, hall. ..)
Recommended age
Children from 5 years to be players. Younger children will have a role among the characters in the story (rats, other pirates, etc.)...
Adults will be the characters in the adventure.
 PRICE:  9.90 EUR