With "Aventuras en Casa" (Adventures at Home) you will play with your family and your friends. Our games of themed adventure are designed to carry them out in your own home and with few material resources.

Usually our adventures begin with the initial surprise and bewilderment of the arrival of children (from now on "players") to the house. They do not expect to find all the house different. A character welcomes you to the house, mansion, castle, pirate ship or in what  have turned our house in his absence. Suddenly they find themselves in an adventure that neither imagined. Sometimes detectives are searching for a missing diamond, sometimes visitors will be in a mansion dominated by magic, sometimes  newcomers will be pirates in search of treasure ... imagination and adventure knows no bounds.

In less than an hour, the players meet incredible characters, have found objects that will enable them to swap them for clues or information. And at the end of the game the children  lived an adventure they will remember for long.

Our games involve the whole family, from the old grandfather to the tiniest baby. We made  characters for every one of the family members or friends and all have their role in the adventure.
In addition, our website offers support and information related to the games. We will have sections of Sound Effects, Costume ideas, Help manuals, etc.. all ready to help you make your adventure.
All our games are games of group. In each game shall be marked in particular the minimum number of participants (both adults and children) but in general, for a normal game, requires the participation of at least five adults and a child playing the adventure.
Also important is the number of rooms that will be needed to develop the story. Typically occupy five rooms of a house (living room, bedrooms, hallway, entry, etc.).
"Aventuras en casa" will give you the story, characters and a situation,  the rest of requirements, you must put it: imagination, fun, and joy. We must also say that the person responsible for managing the entire game (the distribution of roles, distributing house, etc..) that from now we will call coordinator, he must know well the adventure.
How do I get the games?:
The games are obtained by downloading the pdf.
The price per game is 9.90 euros, payable with credit or debit card or paypal,
through the platform